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About Us

PAMIRSOFT seeks to increase profitability for its clients using the latest Information Technology and web development tools. Our depth and breadth of knowledge in a wide variety of web technologies allows us to provide our clients with a full line of services..

Lightning Fast

 We are a full web technology solutions and consulting virtual firm with more than 3 years of experience in information technology and web development and e-marketing..

You’re going to love it

To provide businesses with the highest quality web and media development and consulting services. .

Mission Statement

We value professional, courteous and personalized services. We believe in working together with our clients to develop solutions that precisely meet their needs, schedule and budget..

Huge Time Saver

At PAMIRSOFT we offer high quality and affordable web designing, media works/conversion and other web consulting and solutions.

Our Services

PAMIRSOFT provides many IT related solutions and services to your needs. Please go through the list provided below to attain a brief idea of how wide of a spectrum we can work in. In the case any of the options interest you, using the form provided Contact page, email us with detailed information of what it is you require and we'll get back to you regarding your inquiry with details of how we can implement and basically help you achieve your goals. We will also provide price quotes if requested.

Web Design

Main service provided by PAMIRSOFT currently. We help you as an individual or as an organization/company accomplish your goals by helping you reach out to a far larger audience through the use of world wide web standards and technologies.


Any other media design related solutions can fall under this category. This includes things like marketing on the web or on other media mediums, internet TV, internet radio stations, audio/video creation/manipulation, etc.


PAMIRSOFT offers Web Administration related services such as server setup, server administration, web security consulting, data updates, etc. If you think your request falls in this category, please contact us.

Do You Have a Question ?

Please fill in the following form if you wish to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please specify in the Subject area what type of message it is (i.e. request, feedback, question, etc.)